19 Nov 2017

Dalriada Lodges - Internal Progress

Here is a sneak preview of the inside of the lodges. The modern bathrooms and kitchens were installed by Laings and the furniture will be supplied by Andersons Of Inverurie in the coming weeks.  The guys working for Alan Buchan Contractors Ltd are doing a...

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15 Nov 2017

Dalriada Lodges - External Progress

We have made a huge amount of progress on site in the last few months so decided it was time to share another update video.5 lodges are now built and are fully wind and watertight.  The builders have been working on the individual outside decking areas to...

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4 Nov 2017

6 benefits for choosing self-catering accommodation for your next holiday in Aberdeenshire

Choosing where to stay during a family holiday or a trip with friends can be a frustrating exercise. Balancing preferences and budgets is simply a nightmare.  We might be biased, but we believe that choosing self-catering cottages has pretty strong advant...

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31 Oct 2017

Trick or Treat?

Trick or treat?! Raven's first Halloween dressed up as a "spi-dor"Happy Halloween from all of us at Dalriada Lodges. 

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7 Oct 2017

What's In A Name? - Dalriada?

Do you know where the name of our business comes from?Dalriada Luxury Lodges sit on the extreme Eastern end of the Highland Boundary Fault, a geological feature that slices diagonally through Scotland from Stonehaven to the Isle of Arran.Beneath the lodge...

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19 Sep 2017

Raven's First Paddling Pool Experience

Raven's first play in the paddling pool.She has taken a liking to muddy puddles but hates the bath and the shower.She seemed to love this though. She is 5 months old already and weighing 12.5kg. A thriving puppy who is loving making new dogs friends and c...

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