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Monday, 10 February 2020

Check Out Aberdeenshire's Own Tartan

Did you know that Aberdeenshire has its very own tartan?  

Commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council for the Be Part of The Picture Project, the Aberdeenshire tartan was designed by Donna Wilson with the help of local school children. The children were asked to present the colours they felt best represented their area of Aberdeenshire.  

With these suggestions, Donna designed Aberdeenshire’s new tartan featuring colours that draw directly from Aberdeenshire’s rich natural surroundings as well as elements of its cultural heritage – all completely unique to its namesake!  

The inspiration for the colours that are featured in the tartan are:

  • Old Meldrum – A gold/copper inspired by the stills at the Glen Garioch Distillery, and as one pupil pointed out: “It’s also the colour of whisky!”
  • Stonehaven – A pinky-red seen in Aberdeenshire sunsets, and a colour often spotted at the famous Aunt Betty’s sweetshop in Stonehaven.
  • Aboyne – A frosty lichen green found in the Ladywood Forest.
  • Fraserburgh – A lilac/blue symbolising the seas and skies around Fraserburgh.
  • Kintore – A forest green from all the woodlands around Kintore.
  • Harvest – A barley colour that reminded Donna of the farm where she grew up, and her favourite time of year.
  • Peterhead – A minty green from the seas and sea spray of Peterhead.

We have added a touch of this lovely tartan into each of our lodges for our guests to enjoy.