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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without family games

Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without family games – and here are our favourites. 

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s definitely a smell of tinsel in the air, and that can mean only one thing – bringing the family together for some much-needed festive fun.

If you are looking to get away from it all, then a Christmas spent at Dalriada Lodges is a seasonal treat, with cosy lodges, beautiful winter scenery and stunning coastline to work off your Christmas excesses.

With three generations of our family coming together – abiding by government Christmas bubble guidelines - for the four-day break, the team at Dalriada Lodges is already excited about the festivities, and one tradition in particular.  Once the turkey has been eaten, the last cracker pulled, and the dishwasher loaded, we love nothing more than getting the board games out and getting our seasonal game on.

While we can’t provide you with the games when you visit - and there is some advice about not sharing items which come with board games -  our Christmas-loving family hopes to inspire you with our favourite seasonal games.  So, whether you are staying at home or planning a festive short break away, let the Dalriada Lodge board game recommendations begin!

Snakes and Ladders

Recommended by Gina, aka Mother Christmas

Yes, it may be old-school, but Snakes and Ladders has lost none of its charm, particularly where the Dalriada family are concerned. It’s a great game for the little ones to play too. And while it may seem simple, be prepared to get totally involved in its rollercoaster world, where you can win or be sent right back to the beginning – all on the roll of the dice!


Recommended by owner and BFG (Big Friendly Grandad), Bob

Wannabe super sleuth Bob can’t resist this absolute classic, which has now become a family Boxing Day tradition. With all those colourful characters, role-playing and competitive play, Cluedo can make for an entertaining, and undoubtedly rowdy night. Perfect for when the weather keeps you inside; just light the fire, open the Quality Street and get ready to discover who in your family makes the best detective, who goes to jail and who is willing to go to great lengths to keep you off the scent. Just remember, it’s only a game….


Recommended by our steady-handed MD, Kelly

This game of skill and precision under pressure hit the toyshops back in the late 1960s, and its popularity shows no sign of waning. If you’ve never come across Kerplunk before, it’s a nerve-jangling tower game where you pull out sticks, one by one, without dislodging the marbles they are supporting.  Watch as the tension builds and the tower gets ever more precarious, as you all compete to finish with the least number of marbles, get to shout ‘Kerplunk!’ and be declared the winner.


Recommended by Am-Dram fan, Sharon

The beauty of Charades, says Sharon, is that you need very little, other than a pen, some paper and a willingness to get into the spirit. And the payoff is a hilarious evening with your loved ones, as you either work out or get totally confused by what they are trying to act out. Whether it’s TV, a book or film, watching a member of your family strut around like a turkey (It’s ‘Birds of a Feather’, obviously!) will have you in stitches and encapsulates just what Christmas with the family is all about.

Guess Who

Recommended by ‘guest’imator Katie

You need good descriptive powers with this funny faced two-player game, and the more eagle-eyed you are, the better. Watch your opponent try to keep their poker face straight as you work to guess their hidden character from the 24 faces in front of you. Pick your questions carefully, and you could soon identify their mystery person by whittling down the others. Super-fun for all ages, you can also set up teams, with the winning side declared Guess Who league champions!


Recommended by the contortionist in the family, Lewis

While it’s not a game to be played after a large Christmas lunch (and perhaps not at all in 2020 under Covid!), the classic that is Twister will help to work off those calories, as well as exercise the chuckle muscles. And with its bright colours, easy to follow rules and guaranteed silliness, it’s one of the most perfect Christmas party games. Lewis loves it because it gets the family moving and working together in teams, plus when grandad gets tied in knots, or the dogs decide to play, it always ends in fun-filled chaos!


Recommended by: Raven and Willow (four-legged leaders of the Dalriada pack!)

We couldn’t leave Dalriada’s resident pooches out of all the fun, and while they can’t spell the game’s name, they are both naturally drawn to the Scotty dog playing piece.  From their human family’s experience, Monopoly is the ‘ultimutt’ family game, with all those twists, turns and community chest challenges to see who is the most dogged when it comes to buying property and who’s going through a woof patch. A timeless Christmas game classic.


And finally, the last word goes to Dalriada Lodges’ gamesmaster, Kelly.

“These are all games we’ve grown up with, and we have so many fun and happy memories associated with them. And that’s what Christmas time with your family is all about.”