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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Got a dose of WFH malaise? Dalriada Luxury Lodges has the remedy!

By Kelly McAlpine  

Let’s talk about working from home.  

Remember the trepidation, nervousness and excitement we felt as we packed up our desks and relocated to the dining room table? Six months on, how do you feel about the new normal of the working day?  

The chances are that living and working in the same space day in and day out has meant that life is a little like Groundhog Day. You may well be at the point where you’re hoping that a colleague relocates to a different room for your next Zoom video call just so it feels like you’ve had a change of scene!  

While many studies have shown that WFM allows people to enjoy a better work-life balance, there is also evidence to suggest that it blurs the lines between work time and down time. Add in the fact that many people are swamped by the sheer volume of work they are having to get through while employers struggle with reduced staff numbers, and it’s no wonder that many will almost feel guilty at wanting to take some time off. 

But what if we told you that a getting away from it all – even just for a few days – will not only allow you to recharge and reset in these ‘unprecedented times’ but will help you regain the mental, emotional and physical strength to deal with whatever 2020 has in store for the end-of-season finale? 

If you’re looking for one good reason to go off grid then you’re in luck…we’ve got seven good reasons for you to log off, pack up and head to Dalriada Luxury Lodges. 

1 Improve your mood

Lockdown life brings lots of frustrations and a change is as good as a rest. Being cooped up inside and limited to virtual interactions can cause tempers to fray and depression to set in. You’ll benefit from a change of scene…and what a scene our picture-perfect lodges provide!

2 Reduce stress

Research shows that as many as 80% of employees feel stressed while at work, so it stands to reason that not being there will lower your blood pressure. Whether you want to take a walk along the beach, explore Aberdeenshire’s castles or simply sit on the deck and enjoy stunning coastal views, you’ll soon feel the tension melt away.

3 Boost creativity

Visiting somewhere different will stimulate your brain after months of staring at the same four walls. While we don’t encourage you to think about work while you’re visiting Dalriada Luxury Lodges, you may well get a eureka moment on a project you’ve been struggling with.

4 Mend relationships

From arguing over whose turn it is to get the comfy office-style chair to discovering your partner uses cringeworthy corporate jargon when talking to colleagues, WFH has meant we see our spouses in a totally different light. If you want to get back to the good old days of being a couple instead of enforced co-workers, you’ll fall in love with our romance package. A breakfast pack, late check-out and a bottle of bubbly will set the mood!

5 Impress your boss

What’s the quickest route to your employer’s heart? To be a more productive employee, of course! Research shows that taking a break will lead to improve performance and productivity – which in turn usually leads to greater profits. So, while you may think your boss will struggle without you, they’ll end up being grateful to you for taking annual leave.

6 Save money

The pandemic has resulted in many households feeling the pinch and for some it means cutting back on days out, holidays and other treats. But the good news is that you can enjoy luxury for less when you stay with us thanks to our fantastic autumn offer. Stay for four nights and you will get a fifth night for free – and we’ll even throw in a round of golf at Stonehaven Golf Club.

 7 Fight off infection

Who wants Lemsip when you can get a dose of fresh seaside air? As cold and flu season approaches, it’s worth bearing in mind that stress can compromise the body’s ability to fight off infection. So, going online and booking your lodge for a relaxing break is really like getting a prescription from your doctor.

So, there you have it…the magnificent seven reasons why a break at Dalriada Luxury Lodges offers the perfect antidote to WFH malaise!