27 Feb 2018

Lodge Names

We decided at the very start of our journey that we wanted to be different and stand out from the crowd.  We didn't want to name our lodges 1,2,3 etc so whilst looking out over the stunning bay towards Dunnottar Castle we got some inspiration.  We would n...

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10 Jan 2018

Dalriada Luxury Lodges – Drone Footage

Over the last month, our vision is becoming a reality.  All 8 lodges and the office are now wind and watertight and almost ready for the scaffolding to come down. Alan Buchan Contractors Ltd guys were working over the festive period on the insides of the ...

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18 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

On behalf of the Dalriada team, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year, as well as thank you for all your support in 2017. We look forward to showing you the finished lodges in Spring 2018.

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9 Dec 2017

Stonehaven's Fireball Festival

Fire festivals, ceremonies and traditions are part of all cultures, and probably have been since Neolithic man first appreciated fire.The unpredictable behaviour of a flickering flame can be hypnotising. Most ceremonies use fire as a purifying force, a so...

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3 Dec 2017

Traditional Scottish Celebrations and Festivals

Scotland has many traditional and quirky festivals but to be honest most of us don't need an excuse to celebrate how amazing our country is and what it has to offer. Here is a selection, with links to some other websites for more detailed information.Firs...

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19 Nov 2017

Dalriada Lodges - Internal Progress

Here is a sneak preview of the inside of the lodges. The modern bathrooms and kitchens were installed by Laings and the furniture will be supplied by Andersons Of Inverurie in the coming weeks.  The guys working for Alan Buchan Contractors Ltd are doing a...

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